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  • What is Trusted Land Offer LLC?
    Trusted Land Offer LLC is a family owned reputable BBB accredited real estate investment company which specializes in purchasing burdensome vacant land with a fast cash offer. We are not real estate agents. We do not charge any fees and do not wish to list your land for sale on a continegent basis. We exclusively make direct cash offers.
  • I Received An Offer, What Do I Do?"
    If you received an offer from us, all you need to do is sign the purchase agreement and email ( or mail (mailing address below) it back to us. A simple picture of the signed purchase agreement will do. If at any time you have any questions feel free to reach out via email (, phone: 1 (877) 510-LAND, or reach out via our contact form on the website Address: 8651 Highway N Ste 100 Office #3033 Lake St Louis, MO 63367
  • What Happens After I Accept The Cash Offer?
    After we have recieve the signed purchase agreemet, we will start our due diligence, review the title, and arrange closing. This entire process typically takes between 2-3 weeks.
  • How Will I Get Paid and Ensure A Safe Transaction
    Trusted Land Offer LLC is a reputable trusted BBB accredited company which prides itself on customer satisfaction. After all the paperwork is complete/filed, either we, the escrow company, or notary will deliver/release payment to you in the form of a cashiers check or another predetermined acceptable form of payment.
  • Should I Sell My Land Myself?
    Selling land yourself has the potential to get you a premium on your property. So if you are willing to deal directly with potential buyers, set up closing, draft documents, set up, maintain, and pay for marketing/ads/listings, pay closing and title costs, pay taxes and holding costs, work with title companies, the potential buyer’s agent, brokers, attorneys, etc. there is a possibly you may be able to sell your property for a premium. If you are willing to do all this, feel free to still reach out and we will be happy to send you some pointers for what has worked for ourselves and/or others. All this said, please note you also have a strong possibility of listing your property and it not selling all the while paying additional taxes and holdings costs on the property. We are in the business of purchasing burdensome properties while making the selling process as easy as possible for the seller.
  • Should I List With An Real Estate Agent?
    First and foremost, you do NOT need a real estate agent to sell your property. Vacant land is historically much more difficult to sell than residential property. Real estate agents know this and even if they do decide to list your land, there is a high likelihood of long associated listing times and the agent having little incentive to properly market the land. It’s a numbers game. For instance, let’s say the agent commission fee is 6% and is split evenly between the listing and selling agent/brokerages. The listing agent and listing brokerage split their half which would leave 1.5% for the listing agent. A 1.5% commission for a $250,000 residential property is a $3,750 for the listing agent. At this rate, listing a vacant piece of land worth $10,000 at would be a $150 commission for the listing agent. For roughly the same amount of work, if you were the agent, which property would you give preference to? Would $150 be worth listing, marketing, meeting with potential buyers, ongoing communications, working with title company, and closing? Would it be worth selling at all? Listing with an agent also has additional costs and burdens which you would not be responsible for when you accept a cash offer for vacant land from us: -Closing Costs -Agent/Brokerage Fees -Outstanding Taxes (For current year and past years) -Title Fees -Long Listing Times -Lengthy amount of time between accepting an offer and receiving payment
  • Why Work With Trusted Land Offer?
    Trusted Land Offer LLC. is a family-owned BBB Accredited Business which prides itself on providing excellent customer experiences by creating win-win scenarios and utilizing a simplified sales process. By working with us, sellers avoid the following troublesome costs/events which are typically associated with selling vacant land: -Avoid Paying Commissions -Avoid Paying Back Taxes or Having Property Seized Due to Back Taxes -Avoid Closing Costs -Avoid Finding and Working with Real Estate Agent(s), Attorney(s), Title Companies, Potential Buyer(s), Notaries, County Clerk(s), etc. -Avoid Having to List and Market the Property -Avoid the Potential/Typical Long Listing Times Associated with Listing this Type of Property (Vacant Land) for Sale Also, by working with us sellers receive the following benefits: -Sellers Receive A Fast Cash Payment! -We Pay Closing Costs! -We Pay Back Taxes! -We Close Fast! -Due To Our Unique Position and Processes, Trusted Land Offer Offers Sellers a Simplified Sales Process, Which Typically Only Consists of a Few Signatures! - We Work Directly With any Third Parties i.e Title Companies, County Clerk(s), etc. so You Don't Have To! -The Security of Working With a Family Owned BBB Accredited Company Which Prides Itself on Costumer Satisfaction, Safety/Security, and Making The Process As Simple As Possible For Our Sellers! After Recieving All of These Significant Benefits, A Better Question May Be, Why Wouldn't You Work With Us? We Value Every Single Seller and Completely Understand the Struggles/Burdens Vacant Land Can Be. AT Trusted Land Offer, We Are Personable and Hands On. You Will Receive Your Sales Representatives Direct Line. Call Us With Questions, Concerns, or Just To Talk. We Are Here To Help and Create Win-Win Scenerios For Sellers Who Own Burdensome Property.
  • How Does Trusted Land Offer Make Money?
    As previously mentioned, selling land can be a tiresome burdensome process. Individauls who buy vacant land are a specific target market. We have a list of potential and past buyers along with us specializing in reaching this target market. Due to our amount of deals along with the unlimited buying oppotunities, we are able to streemline the process for both buyers and sellers we choose to do business with. This allows us to the ability and flexibility of being able to make sellers a fair offer.
  • How Long Does the Process Take
    Typically the process takes 2-3 weeks from the time we receive a signed purchase agreement.
  • Does My Cash Offer Expire?
    Unless otherwise stated, sellers who have received a cash offer from Trusted Land Offer have 10 days to accept the offer. After which time, the offer expires.
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